• 2017/04/24

本第三期臨床試驗針對缺血性腦中風復原,發現併用Aspirin與BNG-1治療與單獨使用Aspirin治療的主要療效指標達成率分別為56.1%與23.8%,且此結果差異具有統計顯著意義(p<0.0001, 符合p<0.05之規定)。結案報告版本20170220_06 詳下

In this phase III clinical study regarding ischemic stroke recovery after BNG-1 add-on treatment, the primary objective is achieved by the result revealing that concomitant BNG-1 treatment with Aspirin and Aspirin alone treatments had favorable rates for 56.1% to 23.8% at week 12 after initiation of treatments, respectively, and the favorable rate was higher in the BNG-1 plus Aspirin group than that in the Aspirin group with a statistical significance (p<0.0001). 


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